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    SINCE 1954

    by Ilona Schörghofer

    My great, great grandfather originated from the Lackner family from the 'Zehenthof' farm in the village of Reitdorf, Salzburg. My great grandfather was the father of Wastl Lackner, the first ski school director in Filzmoos. Lackner´s sister, Maria was my grandmother. In 1937 Rupert Schörghofer (*1904) married Maria Lackner and took over the Unterhof farm in Filzmoos. My father, Rupert Schörghofer (*1941) was the fourth of ten children resulting from this marriage. In 1969 Rupert Schörghofer married Margit Salchegger and they had three children of which I am the eldest. In 2001 I accepted the position of ski school director.

    Austrian ski instructors have been educated and trained since the late twenties at the National Ski Instructor Training Academy in St. Chistoph/ Arlberg. Professor Janner was the first to coordinate the nationally accredited ski instructor courses and exams. Janner´s successor was Professor Stefan Kruckenhauser who is now referred to as the 'Pope' of skiing. After Kruckenhauser, Professor Franz Hopplicher took over the position and today the head of the academy is Mr Herbert Mandl.

    On the 18th of December, 1928 a new law regarding ski lessons was passed in the state of Salzburg. It was not until the 1st January 1929 that this law was published in the 10th Edition of the 'Volkserziehung', a newspaper produced by the BmfU (State Ministry for Education, Sport and the Arts). This law stated that only a nationally certified ski instructor could charge fees for ski lessons. The first national ski instructor exams took place on the 7th December 1929 in St. Christoph/ Arlberg.

    In 1933 Wastl Lackner (*1900) became the very first person from Filzmoos to become a nationally certified instructor after he passed the exams on the 30th of April of that year. 

    In the early thirties a number of guests staying at the "Guesthouse Bischofsmütze" requested the services of a ski of instructor. Wastl Lackner and his brother Christian from the Unterhof farm instructed these first guests on the churchslope and the Mandling fields

    According to an early letter, Wastl Lackner founded a ski school in Filzmoos in 1933. In 1934 another law regarding ski schools was passed in the state of Salzburg. This law stated that any person intending to establish and direct a ski school was required to hold the national certification and also have two years practical experience working in a ski school after passing this exam. The second condition of this law was waived for Lackner due to his previous experience instructing (40 students from a Viennese textile school in Filzmoos) and also due to his experience running a ski school at the 'Südwienerhütte' (South Viennese Hut) in the 'Radstädter Tauern' mountains.

    Even in 1930 ski lessons were held at the Radstädter Hut (Rossbrand) The official papers of registration were issued to Otto Erl (*1910).

    After the Second World War there were a few ski lessons held in the area of Filzmoos. The sport of skiing brought with it a new career - that of the ski instructor. This fact was central to the development of tourism in the area of Filzmoos. Wastl Lackner and Christian Steinbacher had a vision and in 1953 they accepted the responsibility of hosting and bringing early guests closer to the beauty of winter sports.

    These first guests impressed by their experiences, returned home to tell family and friends. This word of mouth advertising signalled the onset of winter tourism in Filzmoos. Christian Steinbacher and his mother at the Guesthouse Bischofsmütze played host to these early guests and contributed greatly to the foundation of winter tourism in Filzmoos.

    On the 1st of September 1953, Wastl Lackner ( Bergheimat House Number 71) applied to the state of Salzburg for a permit to establish and direct a ski school in Filzmoos. On the 17th of November he was granted this permit in accordance with the laws of the State of Salzburg, Section II, Lines 750/2-53.

    It was difficult in the beginning. The newly found ski school guests needed to be convinced to return to Filzmoos and to continue the vital word of mouth advertising. As we see today these early pioneers of winter sport were indeed successful. In 1954 the Steinbacher family from the Guesthouse Bischofsmütze offered a package including accommodation and meals at a cost of 36 Austrian Schillings per day. An extra 6 Austrian Schillings per day paid for ski school lessons.

    As the years went by more and more people were drawn to Filzmoos as a winter sports destination. Lackner needed to recruit more instructors. 

    The first new recruits were as follows: Raimund Ledl (sports store owner) Hans Rettenwender (ski and mountain guide), Georg Salchegger (store owner and my grandfather), Hermann Nagl (Flachau), Wastl and Christian Schörghofer (Unterhof farm), Adam Lackner (Little Bush House), Fritz Sieder and Hermann Habersatter (Mandling farm) and Rupert Schörghofer (Ski School Director 1977 - 2001). Many others followed suit to play an integral role in the establishment and development of winter sports tourism in Filzmoos.

    It was not long before the Ski School Filzmoos became a household name within the skiing community. Lackner understood that to maintain this status he needed to motivate and offer ongoing training for his instructors.

    On the 27th of November 1967 an application was made to divide the area of Filzmoos and Neuberg into two. Soon after the application Erwin Dertnig (Schwarzach) was granted a permit to establish and direct the Ski School Neuberg. Dertnig directed this ski school with initiative and flare until 1999 when it was reintegrated into the Ski School Filzmoos.

    Lackner retired from the helm of the Ski School Filzmoos in 1977 due to old age. In accordance with the ski school laws of the time, a new permit had to be issued to the successor. Two applications were received, that of Rupert Schörghofer (nationally certified ski instructor and ski and mountain guide and full time ski instructor in Filzmoos since 1956) and Adam Schörghofer (nationally certified ski instructor), brothers from the Unterhof farm. On the 7th of December 1977 the position of ski school director was granted to Rupert Schörghofer who continued to nurture and motivates his ski instructors. Schörghofer was a member of the trainer and examiner team for the Salzburg Ski and Snowboard Association (SBSSV) and from 1983 to 1995 he held the position of President of the same association.

    In 1979 Schörghofer established a modern ski kindergarten (one of the first of its kind in Austria) to cater for up to 100 children in the peak season. Children care service for babies and childen (those too young to ski) were also catered for.

    Today, the ski school Filzmoos enjoys world wide recognition.

    Up to 40 ski instructors are employed during the high season. The Ski School Filzmoos offers all types of winter sports with a particular emphasis on children's skiing programs. We recognise that times have changed since the first ski school guests who originated from Austria. Today our guests come from all over the world and we therefore employ an international team of instructors. We also encourage our many native Austrian instructors to travel in our off season to the southern hemisphere to polish their language skills and to broaden their horizons.

    In 2001, I, Ilona Schörghofer (*1971), took over the position of ski school director from my father. I have enjoyed many years instructing skiing in Filzmoos, Falls Creek, Australia, and also at the National Ski Instructor Training Academy in St. Christoph/ Arlberg. I am a Nationally Certified Ski Instructor and Ski Guide. I also graduated from the University of Salzburg in 2001 with a Masters degree in Sports Science.

    Me, along with my team of dynamic, friendly and highly qualified instructors are dedicated to not only maintaining the quality of the Ski School Filzmoos but we are also committed to continually improving our ski school. Our most recent additions include the Ski Carousel, the Pinocchio Lift (for the exclusive use of our ski school guests), a Magic Carpet, safety vests for our children's ski groups and a state of the art computer (online)booking system.

    Whether it is your first time with us, or you are a guest who has spent your winter holiday with us many times before, please come join us this season at the Ski School Filzmoos.

    See you soon, in Your 5 Star Ski School Filzmoos!

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