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Our new mascot is called "SCHÖRGI" and welcomes you to Ski School Filzmoos.

SCHÖRGI is a funny snowman and is already looking forward to meeting a lot of wellknown and new faces. He will defenitly join our skiers on the slopes around Filzmoos. Further to this, SCHÖRGI has a lot more to discover for you and has some goodies with him. SCHÖRGI is looking forward to heeps of fresh snow and a big fan partie of Ski school Filzmoos!

See you soon in Filzmoos, Your SCHÖRGI

Children ski lessons

We have a big heart for little people!

Special programs, depending on ability, age, and language make the lessons to an experience.

Latest skiing techniques and our perfect ski school infrastructure support the kids/teens on their way to the Ski-champ.

Our well trained instructors teach with fantasy and patience and speak several languages such as German, English, Dutch, French, Intalien.


Free Kinderschnaps on SCHÖRGI ALM, 2 Magic Carpets, Ski Carousel, Pinocchio rope lift, Bouncy Cross, Snowman, drinks, Race day & Après Ski, Snowsails, Surprise present, Kids flag parade, Ski School Pass, Medal, Certificate, Play ground.

Lift tickets are not included in our lesson prices.
For all children (born 2014 and younger) the cheap Mini Card is required for using the lifts. Please show your identification when purchasing the ski pass!

1 - 4 days: 5,00  per day
5 -18 days:  25,00  flat-rate

Children up to 15 years are required to wear helmets!!


SKI BUNNY CREW children 2 to 3 years:

For kids who simply cannot wait to start skiing or who just want to see what it is all about. Our specially qualified children’s instructors accompany children from 2 years through our kids area, helping them to become familiar with the new surroundings in a fun way. Use of the ski carousel, magic carpet as well as special training skis are included.

Children need to be dressed in appropriate ski clothing and sturdy boots! Please bring normal ski equipment!

Lessons offered daily from at 9:00 am, 12:15 pm or 3:30 pm (also at other times according to availability). Length: approx. 45 minutes.
Cost:  € 40,00    

max. 2 children per class!

KIDS STAR CLUB - children 3 to 4 years :

Designed for kids who are trying skiing for the very first time. Our specially trained children`s instructors introduce kids gently into skiing with lots of fun and games. And with the use of the Magic Carpet and the Ski Carousel nothing will stand in their way.

We also offer a trail lesson. If your child decides they would like to continue you just need to pay the balance of the normal weekly course cost.

For preschoolers, no power is required - FUN is top priority!

These children have skiing lessons mornings only (2 hours per day) from 10am - 12pm!

FUN und ACTION - children 5 to 14 years:

From beginners to experts!

Our groups are formed according to ability, age and language to make sure everyone is comfortable yet always challenged.

Our unique Ski Kids Express transports kids to the best terrain in Filzmoos where our instructors use clever games and learning tools (snowsails, shorties, ropes, stubbies, video analysis) to make sure children learn perfect technique and have fun doing so.

Once a week SKISAFARI in Filzmoos with the two TOP GROUPS with lunch stopp at SCHÖRGI ALM - top of Papageno Gondola!!!!

These children have skiing lessons all day (4 hours per day) 10am - 12 pm and 1.30-3.30pm!

Advanced kids (Curves and higher levels) from 3 to 4 years can take part in this group.

Gruppe Einteilung - Voraussetzung Pistenschwierigkeitsgrad
KSC Kinder 3 - 4 Jahre - Skispielunterricht Kinderland
V Anfänger ab 5 Jahre - Pflugbremsen
IV b Pflugdrehen - Tellerliftfahren  leicht
IV a Pflugsteuern - Schleppliftfahren 
III b Paralleles Drehen lange Radien - Sesselliftfahren  mittel
III a Paralleles Drehen mit Stockeinsatz, Geländewechsel, Gondelbahnfahren
II b Paralleles Steuern kurze Radien, Tempokontrolle
II a Steilhänge, Rhythmuswechsel
I b Technikprogramm, Formationen schwer
I a Racecarving, Buckelpiste, Tiefschnee
Topgruppe Snow Adventure Programm (10-16J)

Children ski school Filzmoos program:

  • Our groups are formed according to ability, age and language
  • We teach only the latest skiing techniques
  • Children tatoos in our Schörgi Design
  • free Kinder Schnaps at SCHÖRGI ALM - top of Papageno Gondola
  • Lunchtime supervision is available and includes nutritious, child approved meals, drinks and Kids Club activities (against payment)
  • Schoergi´s Kinderland for beginners is ideally protected, enclosed and accessable. It features a Magic Carpet, Ski Carousel, Pinocchio rope lift, drinks, Bouncy Cross, Giant Snowman, play ground and more.
  • Separate practice lift with stubbies course
  • Ski Race, the highlight of evey week
  • medal, certificate and ski achievement pass for every racer
  • Kids bibs for more safety
  • Ski Treasure Hunt (Tuesday or Friday)!!!!
  • Kids flag parade (Friday 12:00am)
  • children's playground


Lustige Winterferien-Woche mit dem Bärtl

Winter sports at it's best !!!

Hello teenies !!

Minimum requirement: approx. 10-16 years old, parallel skiing on red slopes

Supervision by ski instructors / animators of the ski school Filzmoos


10-15.30: SKIING, technical program with stop-off on Schörgi Alm, end of day: RODELN ** Kleinbergalm

10-15.30: morning SNOWBIKEN **; Afternoon SNOW SHOE HIKING **

9-17.00: SKISAFARI Ski amadé; February possibly participation in the festival in the snow (eg with Snowbike)

10-15.30: SNOWBOARD ** full day;

10-15.30 o'clock: CROSSBOW ** or BIATHLON; then APRÈS SKI and graduation

Lunch on the Schörgi Alm, except Tuesday (ski safari Ski amadé)

* Program changes reserved! ** Winter sports equipment from Sport Stefan Shop 1!

News / Service

  • Lunch care: Booking recommended, due to low restaurant capacity in the ski school area!

  • 22.12.2019 til 01.01.2020 daily starts!

  • Constricted courses on 1 January: ski lessons only in the afternoon, NO snowboard courses!



  • If possible, register the day before the course begins and get lift tickets!

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to the course schedule and the course starts!

  • Lift tickets require all (except beginners), including children, when they need an extra lift bar or chair.

  • Ski equipment is available at all sports stores in Filzmoos.